How to solve duplicate images in Google Photos

This post is translated in this site for English. The original post is Japanese.

In my case it happened with iPhone, but I think that it is a method that can be used in most cases.

Images synchronized from PC to iPhone may be considerably deteriorated from the original image. This depends on the resolution of the terminal and the original image. It will be forced to initialize due to circumstances of various reasons, Because it is degraded image anyway it will save time and effort to compress, iFunbox imported the image extracted from the iPhone before initialization is the beginning of the mistake was. By the way, you can do it even if you do not jailbreak the image.

Since the contents of the HDD had disappeared cleanly as a whole , the heartfelt turned around, this time I decided to manage images with such a configuration. Synchronize the images of the digital camera and iPhone camera together in the same folder.

  • DCIM
  • Month folder
  • New iPhone image folder
  • Old iPhone image folder

And hell came.

All old images duplicated in Google Photos

I am backing up with Google Photos so that I can avoid only disappearing all images. In Google Photos, it is probably a picture name to determine whether it is a new image. And All image file names extracted by iFunbox have been changed to date, so they are treated as separate files. Talk of calm if you think calmly.

What will happen then? The degraded image of the old iPhone and the original backup image will overlap. Although it is not a duplicate as it is exactly a separate image. I can not touch my hand if it is thousands of tens of thousands. People who usually carry pictures will duplicate thousands.

Even with the high picture quality setting (capacity unlimited) of Google Photos, we do not reduce the size until about 16 million pixels. As far as the image we are dealing with is only to change the compression ratio, the degraded image is only an obstacle. And **Google Photos itself has only the function to sort by the shooting date and time in the image Exif.

In other words, as it is it is only to delete one by one while looking at the image details. Actually, I was doing halfway, but I did not see the end of the work when I did it for several hours. Or is it a PC for manual work or what on a PC?

Working with Google Drive and Google Photos for the beginning of the solution

Google Drive has the ability to work with Google Photos. Since there is an item called Google Photos in Google Drive, it opens up there and links with Google Photos without permission. Here I want to be careful, Please check the checkbox “Make folder of Google Photos” in the setting item of the gear mark on the upper right first.

Otherwise thousands of images will flood the Google Drive default folder. If you do it on a browser it becomes strangely heavy, and in some cases you will see a message of freezing on timeout and waiting to see if you want to wait or forcibly terminate.

Check the file details with Google Drive

It is now possible to handle like a folder, but ** Do not open the image folder on the browser.

In Google Drive, images saved in Google Photos can be displayed as ordinary files, so Detailed display makes it clear at a glance when the imported image is what file name and how much capacity. If it is not displayed, check the items you want to display from the property of the upper sort item and it is OK. In my case, I deleted a file with a characteristic date, only judging from the contents and deleting unnecessary files.

To work on the browser it will be quite heavy even on a PC with a reasonable performance. If you are searching at jpg and doing something at once, if the screen becomes frame-by-frame, it is still not good. It almost freezes. In the same way, in my case, since it is a folder every month, the number of files included in one folder is large, it is only a matter of choosing and deleting little by little in order to reduce the weight of the operation. It can not be said that it is still easy to organize. And, considering the future, we will make a lot of progress as long as we can cooperate with Google Drive. It is much earlier to do it locally, so after that it will be done without permission. This problem also occurred because it synchronized duplicate images arbitrarily.

Use the Google Drive application to lighten it

So I will install the Google Drive application. You can now handle files on google drive on your PC. It takes time and effort to leave it synchronized after completing work on the PC. I do not want to take too much because I eat the PC’s capacity, but if there are two or more HDDs I can bring the sync folder to you.

All we have to do is delete the unnecessary duplicate files synchronized locally.

A simple example would be something like this.
google photos duplication solve [/ caption]

However, Google Drive has a habit and can not overwrite a folder with the same name. If you operate with the same feeling, the same folder with the same name will be created. Easy to use but slightly different, it is troublesome, but you can get used to it.

If you set an unlimited setting, you can not get to the 15 GB limit on the drive

If set to high quality mode on Google Photos side, it will be treated as normal capacity unlimited. Recent smartphones and compact digital cameras are going to exceed 16 million pixels, which is unlimited to Google Photos, with surplus, but it is not necessary to create such posters even if they are not made. I feel that it is generally enough to take the shape of convenient function and shoot beautifully, compress it and save it. The image organizing ability of Google Photos is pretty useful.

Of course, it is different for people who hold a single eye and take a close look at shooting, but there is a doubt as to whether they should be stored in the cloud in the sense other than safety. I wonder if you are transferring to a large tablet on site and checking on break.

By the way, Google Photos sync folder setting has become from Google Photos property in Google Drive, I could not think of where to set it, this one was in trouble.

When identical files duplicate

If there are any files left at hand, you can upload all of them, but most of the time it will not be done.

You can not recognize file overwriting on Google Drive, but you can do it on Windows. Since information is properly left in the file on Google Photos, it is set to become the file name common to duplicate files among Exif information and data capacity, creation time, update time etc. with file name batch conversion software etc. Then convert all at once. Is it probably possible to distinguish by displaying the update date and time and saved date and time?

There are some things that can be set with duplicate names such as (1) in the image that the name was suffered. All you have to do is to remove duplicates and upload again. When batch converting, there is also a search by attaching hogehoge at the end of the file name. Please find freeware that is easy to use around that.

Now I just wait for the PC to sync. Even if the line is properly operated, the operation is not quite heavy, even if it is interrupted on the way it is over.

However, do not forget your usual backup. If you do not want to be like me I lost all of the original image.



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